from Inverurie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

and including weather in Slovakia, Alberta (Canada), Germany, the Netherlands and England for our relatives, friends and others who may be interested

Inverurie weather

The weather station
The weather station, operated by Terry Ashton, is based on an Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Station WMR300 that transmits readings wirelessly via a base station to a computer.

Observations are transmitted frequently to
Weather Underground

    and to

Inverurie is about 18 miles NW of Aberdeen in north-east Scotland.  I have been observing the weather in the Inverurie area since 1979, including 1982-1997 in Fetternear (about 6 miles SW of Inverurie) and 1979-1982 and 1998 to present in Inverurie.  

The meteorological day for Inverurie is 00-00 UTC.

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satellite picture on 7 January 2010 showing a rare occasion
when the UK was almost completely covered by snow

This website is designed and maintained by Terry Ashton.  It also contains details of the weather in Canada (Alberta), Slovakia, Germany (Bonn), the Netherlands (Den Haag) and England (Chorley), where we have relatives and friends.

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